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Membership Benefits

The Minnesota Apple Growers Association (MAGA) is an organization dedicated to the continuing education of its members. We hold two events every year, a winter educational seminar, and a summer orchard tour.


The Winter Seminar-

Held every year in the beginning of January, The Winter Seminar features experts in the apple growing community from around the country, and even a few from right here in Minnesota. The two day event also features a Trade show, and Annual Banquet.

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The Summer Orchard Tour-

With so many different apple growers in our organization, The Summer Orchard Tour travels to a new location every year. It gives our members a chance to see different growing and tree training practices, marketing solutions, and forge new relationships within the association.


The Minnesota State Fair-

Every year growers from our association volunteer at the "Meet the Grower" booth in the south wing of the Ag-Hort building. This is a great chance to meet growers from around the state. There are also presentations on the weekends about "Growing Apples in Minnesota" located in the DIRT presentation area near the North wing of the Ag-Hort building.


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